Waldick Soriano

Born 5/13/1933


He was born in the interior of the Bahia and worked as a farmer, laborer and goldwasher before going to S�o Paulo to try his luck as a singer in the 50's. After some effort (without immediate success and not wanting to ask his family for money, he worked as a bootblack), he recorded the song "Who You are". He started to receive attention for his repertoire of songs on malsucedidos loves and for his appearance - of dark eyeglasses and dressing in black.

In the 60's the pain-of-elbow singer confirmed his popularity as he made records with compositions that turned on the same subject. He became more popular in the Northeast than in other regions, until the great success of "I Am Not a Dog ", made him famous throughout Brazil. The song gained a caricatural version in English recorded by the singer Hawk, and called "I'm Not Dog In".

An icon of the music classified as brega, Soriano continues to perform frequently, singing his bigger successes: "Passion of a Man", "The Letter" (J. Louzada/J. Gon�alves), "The Lady of Red", "If I Died Tomorrow".